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  • What kind of reactions can be seen from product containing NAC?
    Eye drop preparations containing NAC can affect sensitive pets in the following manner: 1. Eyes can begin to water excessively. 2. Eyes can turn a bright-red color as a result of the NAC. 3. In some breeds the NAC content of an eye drop can trigger a hystimine reaction, thus displaying like the pet has an allergic reaction. Neither PetVisionPro®, nor PetVision®, nor EquiVision® have EVER contained NAC!
  • How do I know if my pet has cataracts?
    The best thing to do is consult with a licensed veterinarian in your area. Click HERE to find a veterinarian in your area. if your pet is diagnosed with cataracts ask for PetVisionPro® by name. If the clinic does not carry PetVisionPro® currently have him/her check out our website at for more information.
  • Must I use your eye drops on my pet every day for the rest of its life?
    No. Although here are some facts that may help: Our eye drops can be used daily (as directed), without adverse effect, to help maintain lens clarity. As a minimum maintainance program acquire a package of the eye drops, use as directed for 30 days, and repeat the process in 6 months to maintain lens clarity. Note: Once an ampoule/vial is open it should be used within 40 days, for peak freshness. If the ampoule/vial has been open for more than 40 days, throw it out. Remember: Use the plastic cap that comes on the product to store the product, and DO NOT touch or contaminate the dropper tip to avoid any possible infections in your pet's eye(s).
  • My veterinarian does not carry PetVisionPro®.  What can I do to help the clinic acquire your product?
    The veterinarian or clinic can contact one of our nation-wide distributors by coming to our website ( or clicking on this LINK.
  • Is there anything toxic in your eye drop formulations?
    No. The only ingredient not naturally found in a mmamalian body is the preservative. The preservative (benzalkonium chloride) is used in low, quantities, although sufficient enough to support the shelf-life of the product, and has been used in eye preparations in the U.S. for decades.
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