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"God bless you for coming out with PetVision.”  M. Collins – Victorville, CA


"I'm very interested in purchasing Pet Vision for my 11 yr. old dog, and it was suggested I call you.  She doesn't have cataracts, but her vet, Dr. Marty Goldstein, recommended the product."  B. Fight – New York, NY


"Thank you for your product.  I have four vets in the area I'd like you to send information to on PetVision." L. Bogosian – Irvine, CA

“Hi, I wanted to write you and tell you of the success we have had with the pet vision drops you helped us to get. We are so very grateful for your kindness in helping our little Harley to be able to see once again….  Harley is a different pup totally. She no longer runs into walls and objects. She doesn't hug the walls. She doesn't fall down or trip over carpets. She looks at us and see's objects around her. She has even begun playing with my husband and her favorite skunk hand puppet that she wouldn't play with for 2-3 years. She doesn't pace and isn't easily startled. She seems much happier and content. It has been wonderful to see the improvement.  I don't know why it isn't more known as it could help so many people and their pets as it has us…. Meantime I am telling everyone I know and can contact of our success. And the thanks goes to you, God bless you.”

J. & D. Bader – Show Low, AZ


“Tried your PetVision product on my dog and I thought it was wonderful.  Would now like to try your EquiVision for my horse.”  C. Kirk – Kingman, AZ


“Used PetVision on my dog’s juvenile cataracts, and you know what?  It works!  Thank you so much, and I appreciate your product.” J. Sprinks - Erie, PA


“My wife and I just moved from Seattle, we just love your drops.  Where can we buy PetVision in San Diego?”  B. Schultz, Imperial Beach, CA


“Am using the second package of the PetVision on my dog, actually it’s a White Tundra wolf, and am seeing improvement.  Your product is wonderful…keep on keepin’ on!” A. Bordeaux – Lake Arrowhead, CA


“We have a client that is using petvisionpro eye drops on their 8 mo old cocker spainel and are seeing results how long do you suggest they continue using the drops?thank you for any info you may send us to help our clients help their dogs”  Dr. K. – Lake Oswego, OR


“The PetVision eye drops work great and I’m telling all my friends, which include dogsitters and groomers.  I’ve even told my vet, Dr. Jackman at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital about it.  I’ve used two bottles in one year and have kept my 13 year-old Flat-Coat Retreivers eye clear.”  “Now get PetSmart to start carrying it again.”  A. Valdora – La Quinta, CA


“Just wanted to let you know I do have a Photo of Morris's eye to send you but Our internet has been disconecting so much we cant send photos or any large emails.I hope they fix it soon! 

I want to tell you the eyedrops did not completely cure the cataract, But it is greatly improved! He used to squint all the time but now he is using his eye. It looks a lot better. I am wondering when I can use it again on him? Or should I used it every couple of months?  Thank you so much for letting us try this. please let me know.”  D. Siwderski – Eubank, KY

“I have a client who is using the petvisionpro and the vision seems to be improving -do they change the dosage regimen when there is a response?” R. Snider, DVM – Phoenix, AZ

“Your PetVision eye drops work great!  I’ve been using them on my Shih Tzu for three years on her juvenile cataracts, and they’re a miracle.  I could tell the drops worked when she started chasing fireflies again…Your folks are doing good work in helping pets’ eyesight.”  J. Franks – Erie, PA

“The Pet Vision eye drops are a blessing.  They work great on my 17 year-old Shih Tzu.  His Dry Eye Syndrome cleared up almost immediately, and now after a month his cataracts are clearing up.  Even after the cataracts clear up fully, I’m going to continue to use the drops for his Dry Eye Syndrome.  D. Watson – Joliet, IL.

“This stuff is incredible!  We used it on our 13 year-old terrier and her cataract went away.  We now tell everyone we hear of who has a dog with cataracts to get some PetVision.”  C. Nagengast – Anoka, MN


“Am using the second package of the PetVision on my dog, actually it’s a White Tundra wolf, and am seeing improvement.  Your product is wonderful…keep on keepin’ on!” A. Bordeaux – Lake Arrowhead, CA




I am very curious about your product, Petvision.  I recently met a person that has been using this product for about three months.  Her 15-year-old dog who had serious cataract problems is visibly improving. 


This woman told me that her dog was virtually blind because of cataracts only three months ago.  Now, the cataracts are being minimized.  She described this process as watching a very slow-moving venetian blind roll up her dog's eyes.  Her dog now has some vision and is improving by the week.


Several years ago I lost my beloved Monkey.  Monkey was a Lhasa.  She suffered from dry-eye syndrome…


I didn't know how to address your product without adding my beloved Monkey's condition.  However, I realize that her conditions and my friend's dog's are not the same.  Monkey had no cataracts.  She just became blind and the cyclosporine compound made her life easier.  So, because I am so curious, how has your compound caused a decrease in my friend's dog's cataracts.  Believe me, they are disappearing.  Please respond.  Thank you again."  S. Blackley – Staunton, VA



Have a question about the color of the PetVision drops we just received, they seem more yellow than in the past.  Is that normal?


We have been using the drops on our 13 year old Cockapoo for the past five years, and these drops are different in color than we’ve seen.  After the vet had diagnosed our dog with having cataracts we started right up with PetVision and the coloring in the eye went away.  We now put a drop in each eye once a day.  We like the new package that has two bottles so the drops stay fresher.  Thanks. 

R. Compton – Sioux Falls, SD


I have a 13 year-old dog that has been diagnosed with Lenticular Sclerosis.  Dr. Marty Goldstein recommended I get the PetVisionPro eye drops.  Could you please give me information about these drops?  C. Jacobs – New Jersey



As a former nurse I was surprised to see how well our Labrador Retriever responded to the PetVision drops.  I had never heard that there was a non-surgical alternative to get rid of cataracts.  Our dog’s quality of life has improved incredibly.  It’s a shame more vets don’t know about it.  B. Bentley – Houston, TX



Wanted to let you know that your PetVision eye drops have done wonders here at the Humane Society with the dog we’ve used them on.  This dog couldn’t see, he even ran into the side of a car.  Now he can see and runs and plays with the other dogs.  We highly recommend them to other vet services, and the ones who have used them have had success and continue to use them.  You’ve done a great job with this product.  J. Willey – Conway, AR


“PetVision worked great on my 13 year-old Pommeranian.  She had two years of sight again before she died.”  B. Burns – Sun City, CA



“PetVision worked great on my poodle.  Within a month he was seeing again and was more active.  I recommend it to our customers at the store.”  S. Holman – Garden Grove, CA


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